Finding the right furniture for the store or office is a real challenge. It should be made to last for many years, be functional and in addition – looks good. Last but not least, it should allow the best use of available space. It is for these reasons that investing in custom made furniture perfectly tailored to the needs of individual clients is always the best solution.

What distinguishes furniture made to order from any other?

First of all, custom-made furniture is tailored to client’s needs. Our company specializes in making customized furniture for commercial premises, including shops, restaurants and hotels as well as office space. We have extensive experience in manufacturing classic office furniture, hotel furniture as well as more specialized items such as counters and exhibition furniture or shopfronts. Each client can freely select custom-made furniture to their needs in terms of style, dimensions, and material from which the furniture will be made. We supply customized furniture made of laminated, veneered, dyed in the mass MDF, plywood, corian, steel, aluminium or other material. The clients may also entrust our specialists with the choice of furniture for the interiors; our staff can provide professional advice and assist at the design and selection of tailor-made solutions for a given space.

How much does custom-made furniture cost and how long does it take to manufacture?

Many people associate custom-made furniture with expensive, luxurious goods. It is certainly more costly than standardized and ready-made furniture from stores as its production costs are lower due to mass production.

The price of custom-made furniture depends on many factors. The first one is the chosen type of furniture and material to be used. The size of the order is also very important – entrepreneurs placing larger orders may expect special discounts. We always estimate the price of custom-made furniture before commencing the manufacturing process and only after its approval the production of furniture is launched.

Another aspect that also must be considered is the time of custom-made furniture production. Due to the fact that such furniture is designed on the basis of individual orders, the time of manufacturing and delivery will be longer than in the case of ready-made furniture from furniture stores.

We make every effort to ensure that cooperation with our company is straightforward and transparent at each and every stage of the process. Therefore, contact us if you are looking for high-quality furniture and consider placing an order for custom-made items.