Appropriate decorative elements are the key to client’s satisfaction.

A fundamental element of any commercial space is the proper presentation of the goods or services offered. Nevertheless, due to the constantly growing competition and increasingly aggressive methods of promotion, traditional display may not be sufficient. Our company can help you make the display of goods or services more attractive through decorative elements that will bring unique atmosphere to your office, store or hotel’s room.

What form of decorative elements to choose?

We provide all kinds of decorative elements such as illuminated displays, flower pots, decorated wall or ceiling panels. In our works we use various materials such as felt, aluminum, steel, brass, plexiglass, timber – depending on the client’s needs and the intended effect to be achieved.

Decorative elements are of particular importance in places often visited by customers such as offices, restaurants or shops. Nowadays, a stylish interior is pivotal as it makes the place unique and memorable.

If you need inspiration and suggestions for the decoration of your space, you can contact us and we will prepare not only the project, but also the visualization of the design.

What is the price of decorative elements?

The cost of manufacturing decorative elements depends on many factors. First of all, it is the level of complexity of the design, materials and the size and quantity of elements. We prepare the valuation of the planned project before the production begins.